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March 2, 2018 / barton smock

{italic / esque}

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my latest everything I touch remembers being my hand is here:


some recent poems:


childish nicknames for the messiah

these desperate meditations
on the ghost
of a sober

I am not death but enter
like it
the church
of so many
spelling bees
to ask
whose punishment

for being born
am I


[the angel]

the sea
its oldest
the angel
of a butterfly
from hell’s
first council
of sleep
as we kiss
on the hand
our hunger


[safe musics]

the amnesia
of my jack-in-the-box
gave way
to boomerangs

and motion
was the capital
of grief


[access musics]

I have a friend whose father called every basement the devil’s treehouse. a friend who’s here today because she hid a knife. whose brother met…

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