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February 15, 2018 / barton smock

{ reflections, @ isacoustic* }

reflections, reviews, at {isacoustic*}:

on poet Eleanor Gray’s ~ marshland moon ~

Eleanor Gray is a poet who plucks fruit from the idea of an outside world that she might be fed by imagery alone in the aftermath of not beginning.


on poet Darren C. Demaree’s ~ Two Towns Over ~

To hold this book, with its odes to the corners of drug houses, its sweet wolves, and its towns skipped over by sameness, is to return the clay its handmade hope.


on poet Meghan McClure’s ~ Portrait of a Body in Wreckages ~

McClure…fearlessly rejects the foreign scholarship of all things body and asks the reader to love more than once any form seeking to be made whole at the altars of explanation, inquiry, and wakefulness. It is an undertaking imbued with vulnerability, and McClure is able to make a beggar of scar and a chooser of skin.


on poet Ruth Awad’s ~ Set to Music a Wildfire ~

Awad is no bystander, but as a poet who can achieve the trinity of being there for her subject, for herself, and for her reader, she joins rather than invades.

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