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February 7, 2018 / barton smock

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Darren C Demaree

…all that
yellow we code-named
“bird-watching” – {from} EMILY AS WE, SPARINGLY


Eleanor Gray

hunger has taken the shape of a coyote, crossing the white field


Heather Minette

Instead, he smiled a cheekbone smile—
a structure of knowingness. – {from} Yellow Flowers


Gillian Prew

The world looks on through a lens/ notices
her grief/ notices she has ribbons for teeth. – {from} Still Life/Whale


Billy Burgos

…And what obviousness
the darkness is, or the sound it makes – {from} Our Hondas and Heartbreak


Ion Corcos

…What if I told you that I was a bird,
a calf, a gust of wind? – {from} Walnut Tree


Corey Mesler

I will place the stones
along the path
you travel. – {from} The tug of sleep

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