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February 2, 2018 / barton smock


change, update: now thru February 5th, 10% off all print books AND free mail shipping with coupon code of BOOKSHIP18


through February 1st, FREE mail shipping (or 50% off ground shipping) on all Lulu print books with coupon code of SHIPIT2018

my latest self-published:



some recent poems:


a tongueless form eats from the psalm of your shape. I say birth

you say
assault. we are code

for embed. our mother pawns

the paw
in her stomach

hoping to afford an impression
of the hand
that created

I have prayed to a cautious god.


[safe musics]

the amnesia
of my jack-in-the-box
gave way
to boomerangs

and motion
was the capital
of grief


[ain’t musics]

this story again
my flat
on his bike
with baby possums
eight of them
under his ballcap-

the mothered vehicle
of home, the doubled
of road
and kill-

how taken
from heaven
we lived


[body musics]

for fear I will want to be the…

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