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January 26, 2018 / barton smock


so, some new things. restless or reckless. I’m the terrible person that has probably already told you, or asked. it’s okay. I had this fear as a child that my belly button was the size of an eye for a reason.

I. {isacoustic*}

so, yeah, this small thing called {isacoustic*} is here and by being here I mean it is moving and if you know someone who is still or if that someone is you, please go there with love and leave some or send some. I am stoked by the work that is there, that has been offered, and I am trying not be light about it. also, submissions are open always and can be sent to: / send 3-7 in the body of the email or docx, etc…payment for unsolicited work is 15$ unless otherwise negotiated…contributors also receive one copy of the self-published journal they appear in (prints every two to three months to include those posted on site during that time)…previously published work is fine.

the first volume of the journal is here: / and the print preview on the site is the journal in its entirety if one wants to know, or to forget

also, if one wants to send a PDF of a chapbook or a full length…for review…query can be made to the same

I am mostly alone in this, but do have some siblings, friends, and the like that are helping me edit, choose, etc…that said, if you are a close relative or a close friend submitting work, I will be careful with it, and most likely hand it off for more input.

response time is 3 days…and I will do my best to make everything that comes with that adhere to a high standard of communication and expedience.


II. PDFs of older work etc

have made available, and will continue to add, some of my older work at

it is in PDF form, no cover. imagine that.


III. self & {infant*cinema}

thru January 29th, Lulu is offering 15% off all print books with coupon code of JAN15

my self-published work is there, here:


in other news, my April 2016 chapbook published by Dink Press has a new book link, and was recently reviewed by George Salis.

review and link here:


IV. some recent work


can I miss
my body
with yours
our blood
the loneliest



I don’t have very long
says the stone / all sadness




in the blue church of my father’s thirst

I wear it


like an eye-patch, and emerge


from the uncooked blood
of my shadow



it feels wrong to pray in an ambulance

hear god / all the time



say even god / would leave / this church

to step on the bones of a star


[rare disorders in the very young (ii)]

in a nightmare

(praying over
his father
to highlight
the size
of the first

he disproves


(son) who breathes

for a snake
made of milk

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