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December 4, 2017 / barton smock

{mark ing}

CALL for submissions {isacoustic*}

~submission email:

~~poems, poetry, prose, poetics…three to seven pieces…three must be chosen for publication on site…editors will allow flexibility here based on work length…simultaneous and previously published works are okay…pays 15.00 total for acceptance

~~~submissions can be doc, docx, pdf or in body of email

~~~~if interested in being interviewed, or having a chapbook or book reviewed, send inquiry to same submission email

{ site: . facebook page: }



Leanne Drapeau

the body broken,
poured out. – {from} love has all its teeth intact


Adam Hughes

Tonight the fugitive gods limp
away, – {from} Kemper Street Hymns


Jon Cone

and the heart-ache
that occupies the land is yours alone in hope. – {from} YOU ARE NOT LATE, IT IS ONLY THE PRELUDE THAT PLAYS



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