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November 30, 2017 / barton smock


last day, 40% off print books at Lulu with coupon code CYBER40

my newest is:
{everything I touch remembers being my hand} / poems
172 pages, 9.00

/ as always, will send free PDF of the work to anyone requesting. also free hard copy to anyone interested in writing a review. such requests can be made to

// book preview on site is book in its entirety

/// in other news: call for submissions:


recent poems:


can I miss
my body
with yours
our blood
the loneliest



it’s the day after jesus dies and father is a nightmare. I am the right size to change out his cigarette and I’m good at it. people in handcuffs pray over his legs.

father is a dream. a tree you notice in the dark- mom said that. mom says also that an ant’s heart is everywhere. everywhere in the ant.

jesus wants to be human. my brothers lift his body because my brothers do not yet know that neither will want to put it down. I mean to see them off but am rooted in what the future for a moment believes.

mother is not two people but she does go up and down the stairs as if she’s visiting two museums showing the same coffin. for every other step there’s a step that’s not. if my mouth at night is open, she sleeps outside in the ribs of a tree.

your sister is made of money and silence. has nocturia. death on other planets, oh. we’re just poor.


[eternity is god’s search for a mirror]

close by, a man is relearning how to cradle his corrected son.

my luck
the alien
I saw
was disabled


[lifelike and kind]

in a home
for animals
that have tried
to undress

we weigh
the child
and the child
the doll

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