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November 27, 2017 / barton smock

{hand, isacoustic, etc}

thru November 27th, Lulu is offering 40% off all print books with coupon code of CYBER40

my newest is:

{everything I touch remembers being my hand} / poems
172 pages, 9.00

/ as always, will send free PDF of the work to anyone requesting. also free hard copy to anyone interested in writing a review. such requests can be made to

// book preview on site is book in its entirety


selections from {everything I touch remembers being my hand}

[from ~ we brought home the wrong dying baby ~]

I ain’t been talked to in so long my wife’s kid thinks I have amnesia. ain’t been touched since Ohio’s ramshackle symbolism swallowed up some organ donor’s shadow. I went yesterday to a funeral for a woman’s ear. told people what I was wearing was a bedsheet belonged to the man in the moon. told myself I had this microscope could see a ghost and that I’ve only ever lost an empty house. I don’t know how old I am but I know what year I want it to be. before dying I saw it flash how I should have died. low creature. tugboat.


father an optometrist inspecting a replica of a totem pole and mother an eel collapsing at the thought of a play performed in a stone.

and there, at the bottom of grief, a cup of dirt with nothing to bury.


[from ~ in this life another is you ~]

water, make your fist. hold your breath
in a single


[from ~ food ~]

how to bathe
a red chameleon
from the childhood
of Moses


books to step on, scarecrows

to kiss.

a thing left speechless.

a lost

the apple, the quiet. brother’s

nodding off
on library’s

door songs.

mother, mother, father-


[from ~ soft facts ~]


like some use an alias. fingerprints

for hand.

I was dreaming I guess
in the face of brevity

of god’s glassrabbit ocean


also, please check out and consider submitting to {isacoustic*}, here:

work on site so far:

four poems by person Adam Hughes:

four poems by person Jon Cone:

*** also on site are reviews by myself of books by Sarah Marcus, Ruth Awad, Darren C Demaree, and Kaveh Akbar

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  1. barton smock / Nov 28 2017 12:35 pm

    Reblogged this on kingsoftrain and commented:

    just a note, Lulu has extended the 40% off (CYPBER40 coupon code) thru November 30th

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