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November 24, 2017 / barton smock

from {L A I T Y}

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poems from collection {L A I T Y}:

[having a disabled child]


there is a tent
being studied
by dream.

more than snow
the ashes
of snow.

footwear. and checking
our food
for holes.

means keeping
a diver’s
eyelash. and leaving

to finish



it is there
in the way
my father
a single
grocery bag
for a cyclops
that never


{we brought home the wrong dying baby}*partial

onstage a dog barks at an empty stroller. the mosh pit is weak. last count had three pregnant, three resembling the man who unplugged my father, and two praying for the inner life of a hole. onstage a boy is holding up a kite for another boy to punch. dog’s been tased.

sickness in the young is god’s way of preventing nostalgia from becoming the god I remember

I was beautiful…

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