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November 14, 2017 / barton smock


because I need a second place to put my misunderstandings, I started a site where I will post my micro-reviews of poetry books and am also putting a call out for poetry submissions to be posted weekly amidst, amongst, etc.

am only going to publish about four authors a month, at three poems apiece. I have a few secret siblings and a few masked friends who will be helping me with my final say.

nothingness is personal.

info below:

*** submit no less than [3] and no more than [7] poems to:

** poems can be in the body of the email or attached as PDF, doc, docx

* include a brief and non-clever bio


*** in order to be published, [3] of the poems in the submission must be selected by the editors

** all three poems will be published in one post

* postings will occur weekly or bi-weekly


*** payment for a selected submission is 15.00 (5.00 per poem)

** payment will be made within one month of the posting

* previously published and simultaneous submissions are okay


/ every three months, the editors will self-publish a journal of the poems posted in those months. contributors will receive a copy. /

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