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November 10, 2017 / barton smock


thru November 13th, Lulu is offering free mail shipping or 50% off ground shipping with coupon code of SHIPIT2017


15% off all print books at Lulu today with coupon code of LULU15

my latest, self-published, is there, here:

[L A I T Y]
116 pages
published August 2017


some poems from {L A I T Y}:


on the shell of my brother’s first turtle

the inscription

at the end
of the world


[his body a small sorrow]

the proofreader
of grief


[annotations for son]

a small creature was shot
and became
my handwriting.

two of my legs
need god.



a moth attacking the ear of a white horse

[on a family farm
with oar-beaten

baby talk
in a suicide note

sign language, mosh pit, 1991


[high-dive. dusk.]

as if any father
could heal
a cigarette
or remove
for a grey-eyed
the stitches
from a dream


[cocoon has its own name…

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