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December 6, 2016 / barton smock


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my self-published books, are here:


some former, some edits:


the inventor
of vicarious
our impossible



poverty, father, mother:

/ someone
at this table
has nothing
to hide

/ touching
can cure

/ open the stomach of the winning monster



the book is a mourning vessel for what its reader stands to lose. I have a father for every type of silence.



cap gun. swag from an uncle’s suicide.

the daughter
the ghost

voodoo dolls
in isolation. isolation

in its prime.


[themes for star]

in a small attic
a boy
on all fours
being weakened
by a spider’s
is putting
an ear
to the roof
of his sister’s
dollhouse. for making

the wrong
for animals
poor sister
was lowered
into the baby
you were born
to lift
by two
you’d think
were separated
at death
for the way
they don’t
carry on.


in other news, Emma Hall, editor of Forage Poetry, recently reviewed my Dink Press publication, infant*cinema:

Review of infant*cinema by Barton Smock ~Emma Hall

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