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am the author of the chapbook infant*cinema (Dink Press, 2016), author of the full length Ghost Arson (Kung Fu Treachery Press 2018), and editor of isacoustic* (

in the doing of a thing there is often a lull and in that lull a curvature of worry that perhaps something has too quickly taken shape and so one might be led to explore creating, not to make, but to evoke and I will attempt, here, to do that and hope it is a space that takes up only its own.


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{ spacing. issues / correctives, etc. / separations, Ohio / recent / ohio deaths . & interim / some lost revisions / stork blood / a. like. part. / blue .separations / BLUE MIND . & some notes / some mind.separations / some recent/drawing a blank on the lookalike / ghost arson/blue mind / v / two recent / losing things / grief will require that your language learn another / sun / halvings / flawless absence / motherlings & goodbyes / recent, w/ motherlings / one has in Ohio that crucial dream / so nostalgic and bored, now, the angel of distance… / further separations / separations for unlikeness, w/ outro / houndlings / materials / god’s blue puppy / materials Q & A / materials & brevities / the home life of victims / the upper body of the minotaur lost everything / gestural transportation / rabbit horns / a gun goes off in a dream I don’t have anymore }

the there

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