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April 27, 2023 / barton smock

(don’t (not) read)

( So, I had my procedure, it did not require surgery, and they only found a polyp, successfully removed, and found also that the perforation caused by my diverticulitis is completely healed. Which means the diverticulitis was not the cause of my initial nor my current, and ongoing, pain. So, no news is good news, but also bad news, I guess. Am experiencing the same pains tonight, bc they missed me while I was still enjoying the anesthesia, ha. Am glad of course no complications occurred during the procedure, glad to be in one piece, and glad that nothing world-ending was found. So, no answers, but at least some questions were eliminated. The next procedure is an endoscopy, and I have an appt scheduled June 1st with my GI office to discuss that, however, in talking to the surgeon who did my procedure, after checklisting my pain, tiredness, constant weakness, and weight loss, he suggested that I contact the GI and see if I can get the endoscopy sooner, which I'll attack tomorrow. Beyond that, there is just the present. )

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